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Chef Monica D. Smith is an awesomely talented chef who prepares food with passion, fun and flavor! 

Chef Smith, a Gastonia North Carolina native, is determined to help bring families back to the table!  This proud mother of three is so inviting and knowledgable about her culinary craft!  She prepares meals with love and precision and has made many salivate at her savory dishes!  

Chef Smith has a Bachelor's degree in Food and Nutrition from Appalachian State University as well as an Associate's degree in Culinary Art from Charlotte North Carolina's Art Institute of Charlotte.   

Chef Smith's goal is to help people #Eat2LiveLonger by creating a healthy eating lifestyle.  Her recipes are designed to help people fight off or combat chronic illnesses and diseases. 



Chef Monica has always been an outgoing, funny and entertaining person.  Her parents state that she has been this way since the day she was born!  Chef Monica was born into a very loving, charismatic and talented family.  She will tell you herself that there was definitely not a lack of fun, food and entertainment happening in her family.  Chef Monica and her brother provided enough entertainment for the entire family! Chef Monica and her brother Sean Smith provided much laughter for many!

Her charisma, laughter and zest for life continued when Chef Monica attended Appalachian State University where she applied herself in her culinary nutritional studies and as a charter member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.  Everyone that knew her knew she was a unique person.  

Shortly after graduation from Appalachian State University, tragedy struck Chef Monica's family.  Her beloved brother, Sean Davis, committed suicide without warning to Chef Monica or anyone.  It came as a complete shock to Chef Monica and to all that loved Sean.  What was discovered is that Sean suffered from depression and lost his battle with this serious disorder.

Sean's death nearly destroyed Chef Monica.  She went into a very deep place of sorrow and didn't see her way back to life, until she conjured up the courage and strength to do something she loved. Cooking. 

She will tell you herself that it was her love for cooking that saved her life.  When she speaks of cooking to bring families back to the kitchen table, it is something that she has personal experience with.  She has witnessed how cooking and eating together as a family can strengthen family bonds and love for each other.  It is her goal to cook great fresh food and bring families back to the table to eat, share, laugh and grow together.  

Chef Smith has since gone on to share her talents and skills with various individuals, families, organizations and charitable organizations. 

Chef Smith has been the guest Celebrity Chef for NFL's Cam Newton's Santa Cams Surprise Sleigh ride.  She has prepared meals as a Celebrity Chef for the Ronald McDonald House charity event with TV Producer Nick Cannon, She has been invited to be a Guest Celebrity Chef for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital Fundraiser and more.  She can be regularly seen on various TV Stations cooking up some of her fantastic dishes!


Chef Monica is an Exceptional Celebrity Chef that brings more to the table than just recipes!  She brings nutritional knowledge, savory dishes and delicious delights... all wrapped up in a fun and delightful personality!  when I hired Chef Monica, I got more that a meal, I got a Chef Monica Masterpiece.

/  Tammie T. tolbert - Owner Celebrity Charity Magazine  /



Chef Monica has cooking locked inside of her DNA!  She has been cooking since the tender age of 6.  She has the Southern cooking influence of her parents, especially her grandmother!  It was Chef Monica's grandmother who taught her how to cook eggs! 

Since then, Chef Monica has gone on to obtain her Bachelor's in Foods and Nutrition from Appalachian State University and her Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts from the Art Institute of Charlotte, North Carolina.  

Celebrity Chef Monica has cooked for everyone from southern baptist churches, to intimate family couples and clients, to National Organizations, to famous athletes an entertainers!  She treats each occasion with care, concern and excitement.  Preparing and cooking healthy, tasty and delicious meals for her clients makes her heart sing!  Sometimes she sings out loud too!  With Chef Monica you can always count on getting well prepared, delicious and nutritious meals!

Chef Monica has experience in cooking the long time required items like a rack of beef ribs (generally taking 3 + hours to season and cook) to quick tailgating meals (taking a matter of minutes to prepare). 

Chef Monica is a well rounded chef who has cooking skills, nutritional knowledge as well as preparation knowledge for all of her clients. check out some of her accolades!


Appalachian State University
1989 – 1993

Art Institute of Charlotte
2010 – 2012


Watching Chef Monica cook is a definite treat. I love how she promotes eating farm fresh foods and bringing families back to the table to eat!  Watching her cook is such a pleasure!  She captivates you when she cooks and it is always awesome in presentation and in taste!

/  angela crosby- aerobics instructor  /